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Certified Mold Free

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Florida Law allows homeowners like you to hire their own independent mold / water damage assessor at no cost to themselves.

100% of the cost is billed to the insurance carrier.

Mold Assessment After Hurricane Sally

Why do you need an Independent Mold Assessment and Mold Remediation Protocol by a State-Licensed and Insured Mold Professional?  (No Charge; We Bill Your Insurance Direct)

To Submit Your Claim From a Position of Strength 

  • How so? Your insurance carrier will always contract with a third-party adjuster company that will send out an insurance adjuster who won't have professional mold/water damage training nor be state-licensed and insured to assess your property for mold and water damage!
  • The carrier’s adjuster will then decide for you (with no professional mold or water damage training) what needs to be done based on the insurance carrier’s proprietary (cost-saving) guidelines/procedures.
  • The carrier's procedures will not follow industry standards approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Why? Following ANSI guidelines to make sure the work is done properly is costly.
  • An adjuster cannot test for mold. Without a Mold Assessor License, testing would be illegal. Neither can they provide a Mold Remediation Protocol for similar reasons.
  • The insurance carrier will NOT send out a FL-licensed professional assessor once the work is said to be complete to make sure it's been done properly and to industry standards. But we will.
  • And at no charge. We bill your insurance direct. So why take the risk?
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Certified Mold Free

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Certified Mold Free

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Certified Mold Free

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