Mold Remediation

Insist on Licensed, Insured Contractors

that Provide Mold-Free Certification and 12 Months Warranty

Mold & Water Damage Assessment / Remediation / Rebuild

Complete One-Stop Solutions with Single-Party Warranty

Initial Visit by Dr. Rosen

Initial mold / water damage investigation and protocol. 


Experienced crew performs remediation directed by Dr. Rosen.

Green, Chemical-Free

Remediation protocol is always non-toxic, green, chemical-free.


Removed drywall is rebuilt and textured to match existing finish.

Air Quality Restoration

When required, HVAC, ducting, and air cleaning to eliminate mold odor and irritants.

Completed & Sanitized

If needed,  site can be cleaned with Pureline Purevista chlorine dioxide gas. No chemical residue.

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How Do You Get Rid of Bio-Toxins in Your Home? Call Us!

Certified Mold Free

Quality Work Done Affordably

Mold, bacteria, or virus—we offer EPA/CDC-compliant services to decontaminate,  clean, and safely restore your home or office.

Why us?

We apply two decades of experience in biotoxin research toward ensuring your home or office receive the best care. All testing performed and all remediation work personally supervised by Dr. Rosen.

No Visible Mold?

Sick kids, sinus congestion, eye irritation, or headaches but no visible mold? 85% of the time the problem is the AC unit and/or ducting. We have extensive experience in permanently fixing air quality problems.

Protect Against Fraud

Protect yourself against fraud. Use only state-licensed contractors insured for the work they do. That means they need environmental insurance or they cannot provide a certification or a valid warranty. General liability insurance is not enough.

Licensed & Insured

Certified Mold-Free is licensed in both mold assessment and mold remediation, as well as a state-licensed and fully insured building contractor with full [$5M] environmental coverage.

Affordable Work

Prices for remediation work often vary as much as 500%. Be sure to get multiple quotes and understand what you are paying for. Green, chemical-free mold remediation can be affordable!