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Mold and Water Damage Investigations of Insurance Claims

What Can I Do For You?

  • Expert Witness
  • IICRC-compliant water damage inspections
  • Cause and origin of water damage
  • Review / analysis of expert reports, photos and opinions
  • Help with preparing deposition questions for opposing experts
  • Interpreting microbial sampling results
  • Determining the first 13 days of water damage
  • Water and Mold related Construction Defects

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Why Trust Dr. Rosen?

Dr. Rosen has a great deal of practical experience having personally performed over 1000 mold and water damage assessments and over 2000 mold remediation and restoration/rebuild jobs. 

As a property insurance litigation expert, Dr. Rosen specializes in the determination of the cause, origin and duration of water losses associated with insurance claims. In this capacity he conducts site investigations and, when necessary, serves as an expert witness.

Every case is unique. Dr. Rosen calls on his background in mold and construction defects, remediation, IICRC mold remediation and dry-out standards, insurance adjusting, and his scientific background and analytical skills to support the specific litigation, whether for Plaintiff or Defense. No boilerplate reports.

Dr. Rosen focuses on a few, key areas:

  • Improper and/or unsupported mold and water damage insurance claim denials.

  • Failed Carrier Managed Repair Water Damage Mitigation.

  • Failed or Improper Assessments or Remediation.

Dr. Rosen has the honor of being one of a handful of State-Approved Initial Mold License course and exam developers, and has trained over 1,000 students for their State Mold Assessor and Mold Remediation licenses.

Dr. Rosen supports his opinions by referencing materials in his State-Approved Mold Licensing training courses as well as his own research along with both Federal and Industry Standards.

Please see example works at his public Expert Services Materials folder.

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